Heaven on Earth - by Stephanie M. White
Heaven on Earth
Life on earth can be hell
But God had a different plan
He desired to give us Heaven
So, He came and died for man.
In that moment on the Cross
When Christ cried out in pain
Thousands of promises revealed
If we should ask in Jesus’ name.
The promises of this life on earth
Sometimes in our darkest hour
But, His grace is sufficient
And awesome is His power!
The gifts of God are never ending
Pour down from Heaven every day
As our Father God sends His love
In His Word, hear Him say.
Ask, ask and you shall receive
But when will the saints believe?
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Is this so hard to conceive?
On Earth as it is in Heaven
A promise before your birth
He longs to give us everything
Most of all—Heaven on Earth.
Kathleen Higham
Matthew 6:10
“Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Kathleen is a dear friend of mine and an amazing poet. 
She has 3 books of poetry published and 1 novel. 
If you would like to read more of her poetry please contact Kathleen at:
Father Grand
Being in the medical profession, I have witnessed birth and death more than most people. I cannot say that I understand why God allows some to come to Him quickly and without warning, and others to linger. My father died so unexpectedly at a fairly young age, but God did give him the sweet pleasure of being a grandfather before he passed away. My grandfather lived a long and prosperous life. He loved the Lord with all his heart.
I believe the end of life is as the beginning. It is God’s first breath that brings us into the world and God’s last breath that takes us home. If one lives long enough to be called, “Grand,” well then God was more than kind, more than generous in that life He planned.
That life was “Grand.”
When thinking of a father
It is just amazing to see
A father’s love is never ending
Though gruff, he may be.
Years ago in youthful pride
He stood so strong and tall
Those sturdy hands reaching out
To protect us from the fall.
A thought quite unthinkable
That someday he might leave
Those same hands fold in prayer
Tremble before God, but believe.
Words come harsh and piercing
Maybe fear has pondered death
But God holds time in reverence
He begins and ends each breath.
Long past, God breathed out
The a tiny babe grew into a man
And the man became a father
The first breath was God’s plan.
Now the glory of God is coming
As He holds that trembling hand
When God inhales that final breath
From a father He called Grand.
Grandfather can you feel His peace?
As His Spirit breathes in and out
Someday the Lord will speak to you
Grand, Grand, Grand!
That’s what your life was about…