Heaven on Earth - by Stephanie M. White

Christmas Fun
For Everyone!

Check out some great  ideas for your family below and on my

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*use your ebates rebate to do something extra fun this year!!

Show your family how special they are and how much you love them!

Plan to spend quality family time together at least once a week.  This can be done simply - it does not have to be expensive or time-consuming even!

Decorate together!  

Go to your local zoo for Zoo Lights.  Many zoos decorate and show their holiday spirit.  

Go ice skating!

Go to a Christmas play or your local school's Christmas concert.

Go Christmas caroling!  Stop at different family members' homes or go to a local nursing home.

Get a present for someone you don't know and secretly drop it off!

Go for hot chocolate or make your own at home and drive around and look at Christmas lights!

Go to a local tree farm.  If you don't want a tree, the local tree farm is a great place for photos!

Have a  game night - check out Pinterest for holiday game ideas.  

Check out the local events in your area. Christmas parades, light up nights, and more are a great way to spend the eveing!

Make cookies!

Have a Christmas photo shoot!

The Blessing of Family

1Ch 17:26-27 MSG  
GOD, being the God You are, You have spoken all these wonderful words to me.  As if that weren't enough, You've blessed my family so that it will continue in Your presence always. Because You have blessed it, GOD, it's really blessed--blessed for good!

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Check out my Pinterest Recipe board for great recipes!


This recipe does not contain eggs so you can feel free to sample the dough!
You can also keep the dough in the fridge for up to a week so you can pop some cookies in the oven any time!  
Check out more of my favorite recipes on Pinterest:
*I recently discovered "Hungry Girl" Recipes! These recipes are low in calories and fat but big on taste and serving size! Check out the Stuffed Mushroom recipe below for a great low-cal appetizer!
If you are no longer in school and worry that you are not using your brain enough here are some helpful hints to make sure you are keeping your brain active!
1. Do puzzles.

2. Take different routes to familiar places.
3. Use your non-dominant hand to do simple chores or to write the grocery list.
4. Learn something new - like a new language.  You can go to your library's website and learn a new language for free!
5. Memorize Bible verses. 
6. Go over our Word of the Day words and our Hebrew lesson of the day. 
7. Try doing things you can do safely with your eyes closed.  This makes your brain work in a way it is not used to working in.
Recently I was told about a website that helped coupon-clipping people save even more! I went to this site and I was so blessed! It is done by Christian women and it is a great site! Enjoying life is something that includes the every day activities! When you can save money that is enjoyable!! Please take the time to check out their site and get started saving!
*always look for grocery stores that double coupons so you can double your savings!!
*organize your coupons!! This is so important! Look for coupon organizers at your local store. You can use envelopes to store and organize coupons. I have an envelope for each category: beverages, boxed food, health and beauty, etc.
*plan your shopping trip ahead of time! Don't go to the store and dig through your coupons there - go prepared! Take the flyer or look online for the sales for that week for your store and begin to make your list! Match up your coupons to the sale items that week to maximize savings!
*also, check out Giant Eagle's website for e-offers. These "coupons" go directly to your advantage card and when you purchase the corresponding product the amount is automatically deducted!
*we are body, soul, and Spirit - our bodies need attention, too! Don't ignore your body! I recommend checking out my chiropractor's website. It is full of interesting articles on wellness, exercise, nutrition and more.
If you live near Dr. Weaver's office give him a call and schedule an appointment. I live about 1/2 an hour away and he is even worth the drive!
We need to learn to enjoy the everyday aspects of our lives!  We want to help you do this by also touching other areas of your lives; that is what this page is about.  If you have any suggestions of other things we can add to this page please sign up on our contact list and let us know. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest!  God wants to be involved in every part of our lives...let Him be!