Heaven on Earth - by Stephanie M. White

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The Love of God is
the only True Love!

This download is an in-depth study of the love of God.  
We cannot even love Him without His first having loved us! 
We need to know about His love and be reminded of it daily!

This download is a list of verses for you to read each day of the week.  There are only 9 verses to read each day so this is something everyone can take the time to do.  Filling ourselves with the Word is the most important thing we can do and this download will help you begin to do just that or add to what you are already taking in! 
JUDGMENT           A study on judgment 
                              vs. recognition of sin.        

REBUILDING           A study on Nehemiah. 
A study on John 15:2

This is a fourteen-day devotional for people who are new to Christianity.  
This devotional will help you to understand what it means to be a Christian and it will help you understand your new life in Christ. 


This is a week's worth of devotions for parents.  You will find that each day gives you a promise for your child / children that you cannot live without!



This study is about having a vision for your future.

This study is about attaching yourself to the Word of God and the benefits the Word bestows on you.


This study is all about what God's Word has to say about our FINANCES. 

This study is part of a chapter in my book, Faith is Worth Fighting For, and it is about guarding who we are in Christ.

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This study is what the Word of God really says about women.  It is a thorough study of verses that others have been misinterpreted and these misinterpretations have held women back for too long.